FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF NIGERIA STRIKES OUT CASE FILED BY THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA AGAINST MS JENNIFER OWIE Order all Nigerian banks to unfreeze the bank accounts of the defendants. PRESS RELEASE LAGOS, NIGERIA, 21st July 2022: The Federal High Court of Nigeria, sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos on the 8th July 2022 delivered an […]

Does cryptocurrency mean fake identity?

The earliest adopters of cryptocurrency indeed took place in the dark web where anonymity was the greatest currency. However, as in many things, the strangest places and circumstances birth objects of value – think of the accidental discovery of the X-ray, The Internet started from Arpanet which had military origins; the GPS had military origins as well, whereas human flight and aviation became as advanced as it is today due to the development of the aeronautical industry by the military. Since the turn of the new decade, cryptocurrencies are fast becoming mainstream. There has been a massive movement away from the cover of the dark web for cryptocurrencies. Value chains have been created, central banks and traditional financial institutions have had their monopolies challenged, the bottlenecks and limitations that plagued the transfer of money across international borders – both as a unit of exchange and as a store of value have been blown out of the water by cryptos. Suddenly, the whole world is buzzing.

Introducing the latest Partner – Jimrex Okeke, Esq.

Jimrex is a super talented commercial, civil and criminal attorney with over 8 years of post-qualification experience under his belts.

His wealth of experience includes 75%+ litigation victory rate, top shelf commercial legal advisory portfolio management acumen, and growing portfolio of Tech and IP clientele.

Spotlight on the Pandora Papers

The Pandora Papers once again highlights the utilisation of tax havens for asset protection by the world’s wealthiest and most influential. Churchill Kalu, esq. The Legally Speaking Newsletter breaks down the myths, mysteries, and, legends of the Panama Papers in a simple Question and Answer format below:

Thinking of participating in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Sector? Get NJQS certification!

The NipeX (Nigerian Petroleum Exchange) is an electronic one-stop transaction centre that improves on value procurement in the oil and gas industry and institutionalizes world-class contracting processes in Nigeria.

Why do lawyers vigourously defend guilty clients?

While people constantly ask this question, “how can criminal defense attorneys defend guilty people?” no one ever asks, “How can a prosecutor condemn an innocent person? A vigorous defense is necessary to protect the innocent and to ensure that judges —and not the police—have the ultimate power to decide who is guilty of a crime.

Why hire Yellow Silk Attorneys for business and commercial transactions?

…the very best lawyers to be beside to negotiate, document, implement, and enforce your commercial transactions

How a Criminal Defense Attorney can protect your rights?

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