We are pleased to introduce with great aplomb, our latest Partner-Attorney, Jimrex Uzoma Okeke, Esq. Jimrex is a qualified Barrister, Solicitor, and Arbitrator with experience in providing excellent legal advisory, litigation, negotiation and representation support to start-up and blue-chip clients. His proficiency sprawls across different facets of legal practice, from commercial, civil, property, corporate and emerging legal practise areas. 

Jimrex is a super talented commercial, civil and criminal attorney with over 8 years of post-qualification experience under his belt.

An alumnus of the prestigious University of Nigeria, and an active member of both the Nigerian Bar Association, and the African Bar Association, his wealth of experience includes a 75%+ litigation victory rate, top-of-the-shelf shelf commercial legal advisory portfolio management acumen, and growing portfolio of Tech and IP clientele.

We are pleased to have him join Yellow Silk Attorneys today! Welcome on board, Jim!

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